Qatari woman visit Rohingya Refugee Camp

Some of the most elegant and powerful woman around the world can be found in the State of Qatar. With many of the challenges facing them, the unjust blockade for instance that made a worse turn and began attacking the honor of Qatari woman. They took it upon themselves to brake the barriers of inhumanity and help those in need by visiting the Rohingya Refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladish.


Watch the trip through the eyes of Suad ( one of the young woman on the trip ):


looking for places to visit in Qatar? 

We found a few amazing vlogs that you might want to see

1- Jana & Suad: 

Dahl Misfri Cave

Museum of islamic Art ( MIA )

souq waqif:

2. Passport Heavy:

Sand dunes, camel ride, and jet skeeing

3. Visit Qatar

A travel guid to Qatar

Mall Of Qatar Supporting Qatari Business’s

As usual, Mall of Qatar has come up with a new campaign to support Qatari business’s. 10 creative Qatari food creators with dishes like pasta, to little balls of kinder and kitkat.

Today, Sunday August 20th 2017 marks the official opening of the mini food festival, and it will last a month long, everyday from 1pm – 10pm.


If you require any further information contact Mall of Qatar information desk at +974 4034-6000. 



Photo Credit:

Instgram @S3ndo

Youth Summer Residency 

What is the youth summer residency

It’s an initiative in collaboration with the Ministry of Education which encourages young artists to explore art and develop their artistic skills.

All artwork is exhibited in the annual Exhibition of The Visual Arts Creators and awards ceremony, and winners are awarded to participate in the Youth Summer Residency in Fire Station from 1st July – 30 August of each year.



For more information visit:

Youth Summer Residency Program



+974 4422-4222

P.O Box 2777, Doha Qatar


Learn Arabic Calligraphy

Katara is at it again with their cultural workshops, if you have always wanted to learn the basics of arabic calligraphy or what is also known as ” Diwani Calligraphy ” , this is your chance. It’s a Female Only workshop, it will be conducted by the Kuwaiti artist Areej Hamad Al-Salem and applicants must be 17 years or older. Workshop will be conducted in Arabic​



Sunday, September 10, 2017
Tuesday, September 12, 2017
05:00 pm 08:00 pm

Click Here To register


Katara Art Studio B19, Doha




Made in Qatar Workshop

New, Creative and exciting things for your active little ones, Katara Cultural village as always is active at creating more and more workshops, one of which is focused on items “Made in Qatar”. The workshops teach participants to creating a verity of things, some of which are:

  • T-shirt painting
  • Breaded Bracelets
  • Perfumes
  • Collage and Decopage
  • Drawing and writing stories

The Schedule: 

25th August – 30th August 2017  from 4 pm – 7 pm.

To registration click here

Contact:, 44080233, 44080235


Katara Art Studio B19, Doha

Creative home businesses at your convenience in Qatar

Creative locals…. exactly what we like.

Scrolling instagram, We came across A Theme setup rental service in Qatar. On a budget? want to change up your home?  This is the business for you.


Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 10.24.03 PMA little setup they created for us for a special night.

They also offer romantic, seasonal settings like Christmas or ramadan, or even a 30 person setup for a bridal shower or a mini engagement. Their system is as follow:

  • Whats app them
  • ask for availability
  • they will come,
  • set up
  • leave
  • then come back once the retntal duraton is done
  • pick up everything and quitly leave.

Nice, clean, quick, and easy! and it won’t brake your bank !

To contact them go to instgram

Here is another setup of theirs for a bridal shower

ITarc – Luxury Interior designers

ITarc is a luxury interior design company which offers a complete range of professional services. Working closely with clients to accomplish their dream space. Ranking as one of the best Qatari luxury interior designers and is competing for first place, all furniture is handpicked and imported from all over the world creating sophisticated interiors rich in variety, pattern and design comparable to world class art.

If you which to reach them, DM them on instgram at @itarcqatar.



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